About Us

 We offer glass splashbacks for kitchens, glass balustrades, partitions, doors, shower screens, mirrors, back-painted wall cladding on supply only basis or completed with survey and installation. 

We measure and professionally fit glass splashbacks . Our products are completely manufactured out of toughened glass with polished edges and are custom made. You don’t need to change your sockets, lighting switches or anything else you may have on the wall. We will cut it to fit perfectly. We also use a technology to colour match to any mix this will make sure you receive exactly what you envisioned. We deliver anywhere in Greater London or South East. Otherwise we ship to everywhere in England  

 There is very little maintenance required with our glass splashbacks. Wiping the glass down with an everyday streak free glass cleaner and paper towel is enough to keep your splashbacks looking pristine. Unlike tiles, glass has no grout lines, therefore minimal germs making glass splashbacks for your kitchen or bathroom a very hygienic solution. As an additional option, we can coat the glass with a Glass Surface Protection System. The water repellent coating makes it difficult for grease and dirt to adhere and allows them to be easily removed without using abrasive agents giving the glass an “Easy Clean” surface.